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Located in Newnan, Georgia, is the Coweta County Animal Control. They house all the dogs and cats who find themselves homeless, abused, forgotten, and lost. Far too many are euthanized. The sunny side of this is that things are getting better. They get better all the time.

This blog is about the dogs and cats of Coweta who will not make it out without help. Even if you think you cannot help, remember by just being aware of the situation and the animals, you are helping. I will also be posting  animal related odds and ends to keep things light and living.

My name is Lindley, volunteer for Shelter Rescue/Please Rescue Me.  I co-habituate with two dogs, Gus and Eve. Both were adopted from Coweta’s animal control and I do not think I could love them any more than I already do.

Remember, Sunny Side Up!


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  1. Concerning Monty – Your apprehension as to his situation with the adopting family is troubling to us to say the very least. It is heartbreaking to imagine life on the end of a chain for that handsome, intelligent guy.

    I found this from the Times Herald on the internet today: “After a discussion on animal tethering in Newnan, the Newnan City Council decided Tuesday to continue drafting an ordinance that would place restrictions on the continuous chaining of dogs.
    Newnan Police Chief Douglas L. “Buster” Meadows presented results of a study that suggested that the practice of dog tethering needs restricting.”
    (there is more to the article – I will post a link address)

    I’m hoping and praying SOMEONE will check on Monty’s current circumstances with regard to his being tied up! In our county here in South Georgia, there is a restriction against tying up a dog. It is allowed (tragically), but .. there must be adequate shelter, food, and water available to the tethered animal at all times. A call to our Sheriff’s office prompts a visit by the Animal Control officers to check on a reported/suspected abuse situation. The animal will be removed if the requirements are not met. I’m hoping your county has a similar ordinace in place to protect dogs there.

    Please, please do not give up on checking out Monty’s situation. Having a female Anitolian mix in our own family (who is almost Monty’s twin), we are very concerned that his adopting family did not properly examine the traits inbred in this highly intelligent but also independent breed, and may soon decide that he was not the right choice for them.

    Life restricted to the end of a chain would surely break his wonderful spirit and subject him to a life of misery as Anatolians need the freedom to exercise both their minds and their bodies.

    Let us know of any update …. please.


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